Gardena adapter with connections

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Hang the soap dispenser under your outdoor tap

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
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This Gardena adapter with couplings is indispensable for anyone who wants to optimally clean dirty surfaces. With this adapter you can even better make use of your soap dispenser. In practice it often happens that a soap dispenser gets damaged. Normally, this happens to dispensers that are on the ground. Maybe this happened to you too. Thanks to these Gardena couplings, the soap dispenser is hanging free from the ground, so damage is prevented. Cleaning dirty surfaces goes more smoothly than ever. Order this Gardena adapter at now, at an attractive price.

How to connect the Gardena system?

Using a soap dispenser you can easily add soap to the water supply of your telescopic shaft. Thanks to the switch on the dispenser you stay in control of the soap supply. Unfortunately, we all too often hear about problems arising when the soap dispenser cannot be installed free from the ground. This could lead to damage or leakage. This Gardena hose coupling is the solution you require. Prevent problems and allow yourself the freedom to perfectly clean any surface.

A great advantage of this Gardena adapter is the simplicity of the coupling. Place this hose coupling between the outside facet and the soap dispenser. Click one end of the coupling piece on the faucet. The other coupling piece is attached to the soap dispenser. This can be done in no time. You are assured of a strong coupling that does not leak. Thanks to the premium quality, a waterproof closure is guaranteed. Moreover, the coupling can be detached quickly and easily, just by pulling it.

The Gardena adapter

At you can find accessories to make your cleaning chores even easier. This Gardena adapter is a convenient accessory, recommended for everyone who makes use of a soap dispenser. The dispenser can easily be attached to the outside faucet. This will help you clean surfaces even better and more efficiently, using your telescopic shaft. Damage to the soap dispenser will be something of the past.

This product consists of two original Gardena couplings and a hose. The hose has a length of nearly 50 feet. Either positioning or detaching the couplings is a piece of cake. This is partly due to the soft plastic ridges fitted to the couplings. They can be optimally connected to the outside faucet as well as to the soap dispenser, for a solid and waterproof connection.

Important features of Gardena Couplings

Please find below a list of the main features of this hose coupling:

  • Two original Gardena couplings
  • Hose of nearly 50 feet length
  • Sturdy, reliable and waterproof coupling
  • Material: plastic

Connect your hose with Gardena

At, not only do we sell telescopic shafts and soap dispensers, but also convenient accessories that make them easier to use. This Gardena adapter with couplings is a great example. You can order professional quality products from us at the lowest price currently available. Every product has a guaranteed two year warranty. Thanks to the quick delivery, you can soon make use of this accessory. So order this Gardena adapter with couplings at today.