Water-fed washer-wiper set

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Washing and drying windows, 40cm wide

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
  • The sturdiest on the market

This water-fed washer-wiper set is a handy 2-in-1 solution for cleaning your windows on the first and second floors! You’ll no longer need to switch between washer and window wiper attachments, so you can clean your windows quickly and easily. This combi-set has been specially developed to fit all telescopic poles from High-clean.com, and also has a lock so that the set stays firmly on the pole during cleaning!

The set is equipped with two spray nipples, for an even distribution of the water over the full width of the cleaning brush.

This set is water-fed, so that you have a constant supply of clean water while cleaning, so you don’t need to get more water from a bucket the whole time. After washing the windows, close the ball valve on the water hose, turn the telescopic pole half a turn and use the back of this combi-set to wipe your windows clean and dry without streaks.

The cover of the cleaning brush is easy to detach and is washable at 60°, without fabric softener.

For persistent stains, we recommend ordering a soap dispenser. This provides enough foam to remove the dirt. After the dirt has been removed, you can turn off the supply of soap with the switch on the soap dispenser, so that you can rinse the windows with just clean water, and then simply wipe your windows clean, streak-free.