Water-fed washer-wiper set

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Washing and drying windows, 40cm wide

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
  • The sturdiest on the market

If you want to wash the windows on the first and second floors, this soaper and squeegee set is a valuable investment. This handy two-in-one solution, in combination with a telescopic handle, will enable you to wash and dry your windows from ground level. Switching between a soaper and a wiper is no longer necessary. One attachment is sufficient to perform this task yourself. This combination set has been specially developed for all telescopic handles of High-clean.com.

Why use a washer wiper set?

Thanks to a soaper squeegee set, you can work from ground level. The use of a ladder is no longer required, allowing you to wash your windows more safely. Moreover, this combination set will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Switching from the soaper to the wiper is now simply a matter of rotating the telescopic handle half a turn. No more hassle with changing attachments. As a result, this task will take less time and effort.

This combination set not only fits on every telescopic handle from our product range, but the handy lock also ensures that your set remains firmly on the handle during cleaning. In addition, this set is equipped with two spray nipples, which ensure an even distribution of the water over the entire width (40 cm) of the soaper. This allows you to efficiently clean your windows. The soaper for windows has a soft cover that absorbs dirt. After frequent use, you can wash this cover at 60° without fabric softener.

How is a washer wiper set used?

You use this soaper squeegee set for windows in combination with a telescopic handle. The attachment is placed on your telescopic handle. This combination attachment brush has a soaper on one side. A window squeegee is attached to the other side. You start washing your window. The soaper for windows is supplied with water via the integrated water supply system in the telescopic handle. This allows you to clean the windows with clean water. Constantly getting water from a bucket is a thing of the past!

After washing, you only need to close the ball valve on the water hose. Next, rotate your telescopic handle half a turn, after which you can immediately start using the wiper. This allows you to wipe excess water from your windows for a streak-free end result. From now on, cleaning your windows, even in high places, can be done in an instant. The convenience of a soaper squeegee set for windows is unparalleled.

Adding a soap dispenser

A soap dispenser is a handy accessory to use for this task. This adds a cleaning agent to the water. Use the switch on the soap dispenser to determine when soap is added to the water. Ideal for dirt that is hard to remove. The cleaning agent enables even more thorough cleaning. After using the soap, you can rinse the windows with only clean water and then easily wipe your windows without streaks. The Super Window Cleaner 1L is a suitable option for your windows.

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Would you like to experience the convenience and comfort of a soaper squeegee set yourself? If so, order this handy combination set now. This attachment is suitable for every telescopic handle from our product range, whether you choose an Aluminum, a Carbon Fiber or a 3K Full Carbon telescopic handle. Suitable attachments for your telescopic handle can also be found for other applications. For example, choose this pentagonal brush to clean woodwork or this Super Snow Remover to remove snow from your solar panels. Take advantage of the versatility of a telescopic handle and order this soaper squeegee set for windows now.