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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

Frequently asked questions

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Product information

Yes, the set you order comes with telescopic pole, water hose, angle adapter, ball valve suitable for Gardena connections, all-round brush with spray nipples. We also have the water-fed washer/wiper set, five-sided brush, soap dispenser, Gardena adapter, spray dispenser and cleaning solution.

Keep the brush(es) in optimal condition by regularly rinsing them in hot water. This keeps the bristles in their original shape, and removes any remaining dirt from the brush.

The telescopic pole requires very little maintenance. It is important to check after use that there is no dirt/mud on the pole before you retract it. This prevents scratches, and ensures that extension and retraction of the pole continues to work smoothly. Do not use oil or lubricants.

The Allen key that is included allows you to adjust the clamps as desired. To do this, slightly loosen or tighten the Allen bolt in the red clamp.

Aluminium telescopic poles are the most competitively priced, but they are also the heaviest types with the most bend.

Carbon fiber is about 40% lighter than aluminium. The amount of bend is almost equal to aluminium.

3K Full Carbon is about 50% lighter than Aluminium. Because this material is threaded, it keeps a lot sturdier than Carbon Fiber and Aluminium and is a lot easier to use.

Please note that you are working at an angle, normally approx. 3 to 4 metres from the façade. In addition, it is advisable not to extend each section of the pole fully, because the pole as a whole remains a lot sturdier then. When in doubt, it is therefore better to take a slightly longer pole.

The table below gives an overview of the weights by length and material.

Weight in kilos
Length in metres
Lengte Aluminium Carbon Fiber 3K Full Carbon
3.6 m
5.4 m 2.3 1.1 1.0
7.2 m 2.7 1.4 1.2
9.0 m 3.2 2.2 1.7
10.8 m 4.0 2.4 2.0
12.8 m 5.0 2.6 2.4
14.6 m 3.1
16.4 m 3.6
18.2 m 3.9


The full carbon poles are made of the best carbon (3K carbon). 3K-tech telescopic poles are one of the sturdiest telescopic poles on the market with as many as 3000 strands of carbon fiber per thread! Recognisable in the typical wide threaded structure of the pole.

Yes, the wash brush set has a connection suitable for the standard Gardena adapter. Do not use a Gardena connection that is equipped with a water stop.

telescopic handle connector

No, the pole is designed to block the sections when fully extended. When using the aluminium telescopic pole, it is possible to get the sections twisted when extending or retracting the pole. This can cause the plastic slide in the telescopic pole to come loose, which causes the blocking system not to work properly.

This can be prevented by not turning/twisting the pole, only extending or retracting the pole in a straight line.

We use quick-lock clamps: open, extend, close: done! The hose goes through the pole, it doesn’t lag behind anything. We use high-quality aluminium with the thickest material available on the market, so that the pole stay more sturdy. We also use the minimum amount of sections possible, which also makes it the sturdiest on the market.

25-mm end segment telescopic handle

Because we use the minimum number of sections, with a 25mm tube for the thinnest section, the poles from High-clean.com are the strongest on the market.

As a result, you immediately feel the quality in your hands, which makes the job much more pleasant and washes more thoroughly.

You can then comfortably extend the pole from the ground instead of having to manoeuvere yourself awkwardly (and potentially damage your house)

Our end adapter connects seamlessly to the thinnest section, through the 25mm end tube, which is attached very air-tight and secure, as opposed to some other brands of telescopic poles.

Yes, because the pole is at an angle, the brush presses itself against the surface that is to be cleaned. You do not need to apply any force, just move the pole back and forth. However, we recommend leaving each section partially retracted, this makes the pole a lot more sturdy and easier to work with.

No, because we use a thin hose that already puts sufficient force on the spray nipples, there’s a small amount of water in the hose during use.

Yes, if you need a part, it can be ordered separately on our “spare parts” page.

Yes, you can. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Zeewolde, Netherlands. If you would like to come by, please call or email us in advance for an appointment, so that we can be sure to be present and free up time to offer you expert advice.

You can find the manual in your email as an attachment after you have confirmed your order. You can also download it here.

We recommend cleaning your solar panels when it rains. The dirt has already been loosened by the rainwater, which makes cleaning very easy. The lime-free rainwater then rinses your solar panels completely clean, so no need to invest in an expensive Osmosis system.

Fill the soap dispenser with the Super Allround Cleaner from High-clean.com or with our Super Window Cleaner, so that stubborn stains quickly disappear and your windows and woodwork can shine again! For solar panels, use Super Solar Cleaner, which must be rinsed thoroughly with water after use so that no soap residue remains on your panels.

Ordering & payment

Yes, we support private and commercial customers.

You pay in a secured environment via your own bank (https). You will be redirected via Ideal, PayPal, Bancontact, Sofort or Credit Card to your own bank where you can make the payment.

Yes, you can. You can send us an email or call us with your order. We will send you an invoice by email or by post. As soon as we receive your payment, we will ship you the product.

No, it’s fine. You can also place an order without creating an account.

High-clean.com has an SSL certificate, an SSL connection is an encrypted connection between the server and visitor. We are also fully committed to our product and our company, but we also meet the requirements of Stichting WebwinkelKeur. They keep us on our toes by regularly checking our website and our service, so that we can serve you as a customer as best we can! You can recognise this product certification mark via the pink logo on our website.

No. Unfortunately, we have noticed that our product has recently been copied by others, they look the same, but are made of plastic, among other things. Our poles have the thickest aluminium and are of higher quality than other brands. Furthermore, our poles have a thicker end tube and the minimum number of connections, so that it remains more sturdy over extended distances.


Normally, the delivery time is one to two working days after we receive your order. For Belgium and Germany, this can be three/four working days. Should there be any unexpected delays on the delivery time for your order, due to the holiday season for example, we will of course let you know as soon as possible!

Yes, after ordering you will receive an email from our parcel service with the status of your shipment.

For orders with an order value of €100.00 or more, we do not charge shipping costs within the Netherlands and Belgium (with the exception of the Wadden Islands, which comes with a surcharge of €25.00). For orders with a value below €100.00, we charge €6.95 shipping costs.



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