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Cleaning shutters

Cleaning the shutters is a job best done at least twice a year. This keeps the shutters looking clean. Moreover, cleaning shutters not only has a positive impact on the appearance of the shutters, but also on the appearance of your entire home. In addition, proper maintenance makes them last longer. Want to clean your shutters thoroughly, quickly and safely yourself? You can do so with’s telescopic handles. Using our products, you will achieve a spotless end result.

How to clean shutters?

A home, office building, store or other building may have shutters in various places. They are mostly installed on the outside of windows, both downstairs and upstairs. Shutters can also be fitted to doors, garages, storefronts, facades and balconies. Shutters on higher floors are more difficult to reach. You can use a ladder to do this, but this comes with risks and is not an option for people who are afraid of heights.

Using our telescopic handles you can comfortably work at height and clean your shutters. Our telescopic handles are extendable, giving you a long reach. There is no risk of falling because you can work from the ground, so you can safely clean your shutters at height. Roller shutter cleaning requires less physical effort from now on. You can efficiently clean large areas. Moreover, our telescopic handles are ergonomically designed, easy to handle and the water supply runs through the hose. Therefore, it is best to use a telescopic handle to clean your shutters.

Cleaning the outside of shutters

All kinds of dirt accumulate on the outside of your shutters. A thorough cleaning is done within a few steps. Roll your shutter all the way down. In the case of electric shutters, disconnect them from the mains before cleaning them. Gather all the supplies you need: your telescopic handle, a five-sided brush, a soap dispenser and an appropriate cleaning agent.

Connect the water supply of your telescopic handle to the outdoor faucet. Clean the shutters, first just with water and then with soap and water. You can add soap to water using a soap dispenser. Once all dirt is removed, rinse the shutters again to remove soap residue. Let it dry completely. This is how you can easily and quickly clean your shutters yourself.

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Benefits of cleaning shutters

Cleaning the shutters will keep them looking nice and contribute to an overall fresh look for your home. Removing dirt prevents wear and combats corrosion. It prevents the accumulation of mold, green deposits and more. This ensures longer service life, in part because friction is prevented and smooth operation is maintained. This avoids the costs associated with repairing or replacing shutters.


Tips for cleaning shutters

A telescopic handle with five-sided brush is the best option if you want to clean shutters. You can choose from an Aluminum Telescopic Handle, a Carbon Fiber Telescopic Handle or a 3K Full Carbon Telescopic Handle. In addition, a good cleaning agent is recommended. Using the Super Allround Cleaner 1L removes even the most stubborn dirt. We also offer accessories that make cleaning shutters even easier. At, you will find everything you need for this job.



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