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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

Cleaning plastic

Plastic cleaning

Did you know that cleaning plastic and roller shutters yourself is easier than ever? At High-clean.com, you’ll find the products you need to do this job easily, efficiently and quickly. By using our telescopic poles, you will ensure that the plastic stays in better condition, looks smarter and lasts longer. You save money on hiring a professional, because with our telescopic poles, you can clean plastic yourself in no time, including plastic window frames and shutters. Cleaning plastic window frames at a height can now be done from ground level. Discover for yourself now the convenience of our innovative telescopic poles.

Why is cleaning your plastic important?

Plastic is low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. For example, outdoor plastic window frames are affected by sand and deposits, among other things. In addition, weather conditions have an influence. Weather conditions can cause stains to appear in your plastic. Bird droppings can also affect the plastic. White window frames can become discolored as a result. You can prevent damage to the plastic by regularly cleaning it with our telescopic poles.

Regular plastic cleaning with our telescopic poles helps keep the material looking good. Proper plastic cleaning ensures that the plastic retains its color and luster better. It contributes to a longer lifespan. The eye-catching appearance is preserved. Dirty and damaged plastic leaves your entire home looking shabby. Thanks to our telescopic poles, the appearance of your home can remain a sparkling calling card.

What tool is used to clean the plastic?

You are planning to clean your plastic yourself. What will you need for this? To clean plastic window frames, which may be on higher floors, use our telescopic poles including wash brush. With these, you can easily reach high spots from the ground. With no effort, you can efficiently clean high windows. You can choose from Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and 3K Full Carbon telescopic poles. In addition, a good cleaning agent is recommended.

How to clean plastic window frames?

You have four options when you want to clean your plastic window frames. You can choose our cleaning products. In addition, a soak with dishwashing liquid, a little all-purpose cleaner or vinegar (for green deposits) is an option. A telescopic pole allows you to work safely from ground level. This way, you don’t have to use unstable ladders or hang dangerously out of the window. A telescopic pole is therefore ideal for people who are afraid of heights.

Cleaning your plastic yourself without any problems? Our telescopic poles are your best option. Experience the ease of use of our ergonomic telescopic poles with wash brushes. Easily adjust the brush to the desired length for optimal handling. Using the water supply through the pole, you can wet the wash brush yourself from the ground. Simple, right?


There are a number of agents you should avoid using, such as ammonia, acetone, chlorine, methylated spirit and other more aggressive options. In addition, we do not recommend using abrasives and scouring pads. With these, you can damage the plastic. Do not use a steam cleaner, as this leads to staining. But our best tip to you remains: clean your plastic window frames with a telescopic pole with the five-area brush from High-clean.com.



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