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Cleaning Solution

The best cleaning agents for your telescopic shaft can be found here. In some situations the use of just water won’t suffice. Maybe you have seen it: you are, for example, cleaning your windows with water, but still you can’t get all the dirt off. Lucky for you, this problem can be helped: by using a high quality cleaning agent. The cleaning agents developed by guarantee a perfect cleaning result and can be used at substantial heights, in combination with a telescopic shaft. View our offer now.

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  • allround cleaning agent

    Super Allround Cleaner 1L

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  • solar panel cleaning agent

    Super Solar Cleaner 1L

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  • window cleaning agent

    Super Window Cleaner 1L

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soap dispenser telescopic handle Gardena

Administering to the soap dispenser

A cleaning agent from our assortment can easily be used in combination with a telescopic shaft. You use a particular accessory for this: the soap dispenser. You can choose from a soap dispenser without couplings, but you also have the opportunity to order a soap dispenser with couplings. This concerns high quality Gardena couplings. These couplings can easily be attached and guarantee a solid and waterproof connection. As a result, the soap dispenser will be hanging under the faucet and be free from the ground, to prevent damage. You have the option to order this Gardena adapter separately.

Add soap to the water to be able to clean dirty surfaces even better. Using a cleaning agent you are assured that you optimally clean the surfaces. A soap dispenser can easily be filled. The soap dispenser has a switch that you can adjust yourself, to add soap to the water or not. It has different positions for both soap dosing and water supply. The ease of using this dispenser is unprecedented. Connecting the soap dispenser is a piece of cake, in particular in combination with the convenient Gardena couplings. An indispensable accessory for everyone who uses a telescopic shaft to clean surfaces.

Cleaning agent for windows

Within the broad range of you can find the best cleaning agent for your job. From all-round products to a cleaning agent for a specific surface, you can order from us whatever you need. You can, for example, turn to us for a cleaning agent to use on windows.

Choose a high quality product, like this Super Window Cleaner 1L. This cleaning agent is has a base of alcohol, which ensures the glass surface to dry quickly and without stripes. No soap residue will be left behind. You will achieve an optimal cleaning result. On top of that, it can be used on different types of glass, from windows to terrace roofs. In combination with a telescopic shaft, you can use this cleaning agent from the ground up to substantial height. Benefit from a great offer? Then go for this 12x Super Window Cleaner 1L.

Which products can be cleaned with the cleaning agents?

Our cleaning agents can be used for different purposes. You can, for example, turn to us for an all-round cleaning agent, like Super All-round Cleaner 1L. This convenient product is ideal for optimal cleaning of materials like wood, Trespa, plastic and polycarbonate plates. In combination with a telescopic shaft and a soap dispenser you can easily clean nearly every surface around your house yourself. For perfect solar panels you can make use of this Super Solar Cleaner 1L. Order now from and benefit from the low prices and great offers.



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