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Easily remove snow from solar panels with the Super Snow Remover

Keeping solar panels snow-free is now easier than ever thanks to the Super Snow Remover. Solar panels also work in winter, although solar panels in winter generate less power than in the summer. After all, there are less hours of daylight during this period.

Snow on solar panels also has a negative effect on efficiency. A pity, because the time between October and March represent a third of the yield. The combination of the Super Snow Remover and one of our telescopic poles ensures means you can keep your solar panels snow-free without leaving the ground, in a safe and comfortable way. This means you can maintain the performance of the system during the winter months. During times of snow, the sky is often clear, which means many hours of sunshine in the day

The downsides of snow on solar panels

Keeping solar panels snow-free with our products has more advantages than you might expect. Snow on solar panels negatively affects the performance of the system. The power generated is reduced because sunlight is needed to generate energy. A layer of snow will block out the sunlight. In addition, solar panels may have to deal with a layer of ice when it freezes over. This also affects the performance. With the help of our products, you can keep your solar panels running efficiently during the winter.

Furthermore, the Super Snow Remover prevents any layer of snow that remains on the panels from getting too thick. This can damage the solar panels, especially layers of 10 cm or more. This is a pity, especially because it is so easily avoidable. After heavy snowfall, removing snow from solar panels is an absolute must.

snow removal from solar panels

Making solar panels completely snow-free with the Super Snow Remover

You can remove snow from solar panels with our Super Snow Remover. Even during harsh winters, you can use this snow blade to ensure that your solar panels keep performing to optimal capacity. The snow remover is made of foam rubber, so it doesn’t cause any damage to your solar panels while you’re removing the snow. The innovative design allows you to both push and pull snow off the solar panels in different directions.

Without having to use a ladder, you can remove snow from the solar panels if you combine the Super Snow Remover with one of our original telescopic poles. This way you avoid danger and, moreover, it’s a lot easier for people with a fear of heights. Safely free your solar panels of snow in no time. You can also use this product to make roofs or patio covers snow-free.

Removing snow from solar panels tips

A Super Snow Remover with telescopic pole from is an investment that pays for off thanks to the increased performance of your solar panels. Below we give you a number of tips on how you can best remove snow from your solar panels:

  • The telescopic pole is a lot more sturdy and easier to use if each section is partially retracted.
  • It’s easier to remove soft snow than hard-frozen snow. So don’t leave it too long!
  • It is best to go diagonally across the panels with the Super Snow Remover. This prevents the snow blade from getting stuck between the panels.

Are you ready to remove snow from your solar panels? Then order our Super Snow Remover and a matching telescopic pole at



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