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Your company façade is the flagship of your enterprise. A good first impression on clients is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, pollution could throw a wrench in the works. You can make your façade look brand-new by cleaning the company building façade. With a telescopic shaft of you ensure optimal cleaning and thoroughly remove persistent pollution. You can clean the façade yourself, in an effective and safe manner. This will save you the costs of a having your company building façade cleaned by others.

Why clean your company building façade?

A polluted façade gives visitors an image of your company that differs from what you prefer. Pollution and discoloration may affect the appearance. Consciously or subconsciously this will have a negative impact on the attitude of your clients and other business relations. A clean company building façade radiates professionality. You show that you care for your company.

On top of that, cleaning the company building façade goes hand in hand with other advantages. Maintaining the façade prevents damage and wear. For example cracks and moist problems are prevented. This saves costs on repair. The façade of your company will keep in better condition and will last longer. That is what makes an innovative telescopic shaft of the solution for you.

Which tools are used for the cleaning of your company building façade?

Within the broad range of, you can find everything you need to optimally clean your company building façade. A telescopic shaft is the most important tool to dispose of. With this length adjustable product, you can clean the entirety of your company building façade. The water supply is integrated in the shaft, so you don’t need to keep an eye on the hose. The ergonomic design ensures an easy to handle telescopic shaft. Working in corners is no problem. This way, large surfaces can be cleaned quickly and with little effort.

Additionally, you can turn to us for matching accessories and cleaning agents. For example brushes, but also soap dispensers. These can be used to add soap to the water by a push of the button. Ideal for polluted company building façades. You can also order couplings from us, at an attractive price.

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When to clean the company building façade?

It is definitely advisable to clean the company building façade if this surface looks soiled because of, for example, moss, soot, lime and algae accumulated on it. Additionally, it is recommended to do façade cleaning in the spring. Precipitation predominantly takes place during the fall and winter, causing discoloration. During the spring you can tackle this discoloration and other pollutions. Using a telescopic shaft, you can make your company building façade look attractive again.

Have the company building façade cleaned or can you clean it yourself?

Although you can have your company building façade cleaned, hiring a professional company to do this involves high costs. With a premium quality telescopic shaft of you can perform this job yourself, without much effort. It is an investment that pays itself back, since you can clean your company building façade yourself, multiple times, with our telescopic shaft. Benefit from our low prices no and purchase your telescopic shaft at



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