Telescopic pole 3K Full Carbon

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5.4 m


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7.2 m


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9.0 m


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10.8 m


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12.8 m


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14.6 m


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16.4 m


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  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
  • The sturdiest on the market

The flagship among telescopic poles!

By cleverly using the minimum amount of tubular sections, this telescopic pole is the sturdiest on the market!

These handmade full carbon poles are made of the best 3K carbon. 3K-tech telescopic poles are the sturdiest telescopic poles on the market with as many as 3000 strands of carbon fiber per thread, as can be recognised in the typical wide threaded structure of the pole. These telescopic poles are intended for anyone who wants to get the hang of using the product, without having to go over budget for it! The poles are light in weight and extremely sturdy, which makes them even easier to use!

3K Full Carbon Telescopic Pole

This extendable telescopic pole is equipped with a water hose with a connection suitable for Gardena attachments. You also get a professional all-round brush with this set. This makes it ideal for cleaning solar panels, motorhomes, shutters, windows, woodwork, the list goes. This telescopic pole is available ranging from 7.2 metres to 18.2 metres in length. The lengths of retracted poles are 2.13 for the 7.2 & 9.0 m pole, and 2.60 metres for the other lengths. This way you can clean surfaces, both nearby and from afar.

These smart quicklock clamps allow you to extend and retract effortlessly. The telescopic pole is also always equipped with an angle adapter so the brush can easily get into the corners when you’re cleaning the windows, overhangs, fascia boards or solar panels. The supplied hose is Gardena-compatible, so you can simply attach it to the connector on your garden hose and start cleaning right away.

An all-round brush is supplied with this set. As the name suggests, this brush is suitable for all household cleaning tasks: from cleaning dormers to cleaning your dirty solar panels. In addition, the quality this brush offers is ideally suited for cleaning dirty surfaces, such as windows, overhangs, shutters and campers.

Add soap to your water to also clean dirtier surfaces! Not a problem, with our soap dispenser. You connect the soap dispenser to your tap and the water supply of the telescopic brush. Use the switch located on the soap dispenser to choose water and soap or just water.


10.8 m, 12.8 m, 14.6 m, 16.4 m, 18.2 m, 5.4 m, 7.2 m, 9.0 m


3K Full Carbon


Patio Covers, Solar Panels

Length Retracted Recommended working length Weight Number of parts
5,4 m 1,8 m 5,1 m 1,0 kg 4
7,2 m 2,2 m 6,9 m 1,2 kg 4
9,0 m 2,2 m 8,2 m 1,7 kg 5
10,8 m 2,6 m 10,0 m 2,0 kg 5
12,8 m 2,6 m 11,3 m 2,4 kg 6
14,6 m 2,6 m 12,8 m 3,1 kg 7
16,4 m 2,6 m 14,3 m 3,6 kg 8
18,2 m 2,6 m 15,8 m 3,9 kg 9

Please note: A length of 10.8 metres or more requires some effort and practice. Tip: don’t start at the highest point.

Product contents:

  • Telescopic pole (seamlessly adjustable)
  • Free all-round brush
  • High-power water hose
  • Angle adapter (+ extra XXL Angle Adapter for telescopic poles ranging from 9 metres)
  • Soft grip
  • Ball valve fits Gardena hose connector
  • All fittings are included
  • Temporarily free soap dispenser and cleaner of your choice worth €33.90 (excl. Adapter)
  • Note: The Gardena Adapter is not included. You can order it from our range of accessories, or make one yourself with two Gardena connections.
25-mm end-segment telescopic handle

25mm end section

By cleverly using the minimum amount of sections, and using a 25-mm tube for the thinnest section, the poles from are the sturdiest on the market. As a result, you immediately feel the quality in your hands, which makes the process far easier and washes more thoroughly. You can then extend the pole from the ground easily, instead of having to manoeuvere yourself awkwardly (and cause potential damage to your house).

Our end adapter connects seamlessly to the thinnest section, through the 25mm tube, which is attached tightly and securely, as opposed to some of the other types of telescopic poles.

xxl-angle adapter telescopic handle 1 xxl-angle adapter telescopic handle 2 xxl-angle adapter telescopic handle

XXL Angle Adapter

Telescopic poles with a length of 9 metres or more, include the XXL Angle Adapter as standard (from 23-12-22). This extra-long angle adapter creates more distance between your solar panels and the telescopic pole, in order to prevent the telescopic pole from accidentally coming into contact with your solar panels.

The XXL-angle adapter should only be used in combination with the red/black Allround brush.

Do not mount the XXL-angle adapter on other accessories such as the five-sided brush or Super Snow Remover.

Less sections, less bend!

A common question is “Which telescopic handle bends more, yours or the competitor’s?”. We use the minimum amount of sections, which makes the pole more sturdy. A picture speaks louder than words, which is why we have made the video below. This shows a 12.8m telescopic pole made of aluminium from, and a 13.5m aluminium telescopic handle from a competing brand. Both poles have been extended to 11.5 metres and placed in a frame, to give a realistic and honest illustration. The same difference applies to any other length.

telescopic quick lock high-clean

Quicklock clamps

The quicklock clamps are robust and no-nonsense, we use the minimum amount of parts to increase the lifespan. Open clip, extend, close clip, and done. The bottom of the clamps are smooth, so they cannot easily cause damage to your solar panels or window frames, for example. The quicklock clamps can be adjusted according to your preference, using the Allen key included. The bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel and therefore cannot rust. The nuts are self-closing, so they remain properly in place after adjustment. This is all contained in the clamp.

Our five-sided brush (optional) and window wiper (optional) have been developed so that they can be mounted directly on the pole, without using the angle adapter. This is a more direct approach and therefore also more user-friendly compared to other brands. With the telescopic poles from, the hose exits the handle just before the end adapter, so it easily goes directly into the brush without any issues, so no messing around with an adapter, which can cause kinks and leaks from the hose. The hose included is a strong thick-walled 8x5mm hose, which will last for years under normal use.