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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

High window cleaning with telescopic handle

Washing high windows with our telescopic pole

Want to clean the windows yourself? Discover the best solution for washing tall windows outdoors: a telescopic pole. With an extended pole for washing windows, dirty windows are a thing of the past. You can wash your windows yourself in an easy and comfortable way, without having to use a ladder. Ideal for people with a fear of heights, but also perfect for anyone who wants to wash the windows themselves in a safer way. Clean your windows with a telescopic pole and discover the convenience for yourself.

Washing high windows outside is easier than ever

Dirty windows getting on your nerves? Often people postpone this job because they find it annoying to do. Climbing the ladder is a hassle, especially for people with a fear of heights. In addition, cleaning the windows from a ladder can be dangerous. It’s difficult to get good access to the windows to clean properly. This means the windows often stay dirty. This has all kinds of adverse effects, from stains on the glass to damage to the paint on the window frames. Our products prevent these problems.

Dirty windows are detrimental to your home. The appearance of your home acts as the calling card. Dirty windows reduce the overall look of your home. A pity, right? Fortunately, there is now a simpler, safer and more comfortable alternative: treating windows with an extended pole. Our telescopic poles are exactly what you need for the job!

High-clean telescopic handle window cleaning 001

Long pole for washing windows: the best solution

You are looking for a solution that makes it easier to wash your windows yourself. Discover this solution at High-clean.com: washing windows with a telescopic pole. Thanks to the extended pole, you can wash tall windows while stood firmly on the ground. You no longer need to use a ladder. In addition, you can work faster, because you don’t have to continuously go up and down and move the ladder to other windows. You can work effectively and comfortably from the ground up. The ease with which you can wash tall windows yourself is unheard of until now.

Clean windows give a clean appearance and a fresh home. This gives you nicer lighting inside and makes it more pleasant to look outside. You can do all this yourself with the help of our original telescopic poles.

Which product will you use to clean your windows?

In our extensive range, you can always find the ideal products to wash high windows yourself. Choose from telescopic poles made of high-quality materials such as aluminium, carbon fiber and 3K Full Carbon. This water-fed washer-wiper set is a great tool for the job. You can now clean windows on the first and second floors, with the greatest of ease. Accidents as a result of climbing up and down ladders are now a thing of the past. This 2-in-1 solution, with washer and window wiper, means you can wash windows yourself faster than ever before, with a telescopic pole.

The set is water-fed and equipped with two spray nipples, so that you can enjoy a constant supply of clean water that is evenly distributed over the full width of the cleaning brush. Are you looking for a suitable cleaning solution? Then choose this Super Window Cleaner 1L. At High-clean.com you will find everything you need to wash high windows yourself. Feel free to take a look around and order your item today.

Water-fed washer-wiper set or reverse osmosis water?

Tip: Because you are working with water at height, you will always leave drops on the glass. You can put a microfiber cloth around the washer and remove the last bits of water. This way you do not need an expensive osmosis system, or resin packs that cost about €35.00 for every 400 litres of water.



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