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Cleaning the patio cover

Cleaning your patio cover is the best way to keep the cover radiant and clean. Rain or shine, you can enjoy that wonderful outdoor feeling during any season. Making sure it remains an oasis of comfort where you can always relax. makes cleaning the patio cover easier with the help of a simple solution: the telescopic pole for your patio. Your patio cover will shine like never before.

Is cleaning a patio cover important?

Cleaning a patio cover on time is essential for a lasting, eye-catching cover that you can enjoy for years to come. Outdoors, patio covers are forced to contend with various elements, including weather conditions and different types of dirt. A spread of green and black droppings is not what you want, and it can also penetrate the plastic, resulting in permanent damage. The good news is that this is preventable. Our telescopic poles are the key to a sparkling patio cover made to last.

Cleaning your patio cover with a telescopic pole

Because our telescopic poles are water-fed, cleaning your patio roof is an easy task. The standard supplied all-round brush is suitable for glass panels and polycarbonate sheeting. The brush has a countersunk spray nipple so that it cannot cause scratches. Also, the soap dispenser that is included is ideal for adding cleaning solution to the water.

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Advantages of cleaning a patio cover

Our telescopic pole is the perfect solution for your patio cover. Regular and thorough cleaning of the patio cover prevents unevenness and damage. The problems mentioned above will be a thing of the past. No more green or black stains that cause permanent markings that can’t be removed. Cleaning a plastic cover contributes to a longer lifespan, ensuring that parts like the sealant and the aluminium also last longer. That’s why we always say: maintenance pays.

The outside view will clear and unobstructed, for you and your guests. Furthermore, a stain-free roof adds to the overall appearance of your home. Imagine an exquisitely designed wooden table, with a stain on it. No matter how beautiful the table is, the stain is what people look at first. The same applies to your patio cover if it’s not clean. It detracts from your home. The telescopic poles from make it possible to reach every part of the patio cover. Hard-to-reach distances can be bridged, so you won’t miss a single spot. This is truly effective cleaning.

Best way to clean a cover

Do you want to clean an aluminium or plastic cover? Then a telescopic pole for your cover is the ideal purchase. A telescopic pole including a brush allows reach every last spot. You cannot stand or walk on a plastic cover. Our telescopic pole ensures that you can clean the patio cover in a safe and effective way. Cleaning a cover has never been easier. Your patio cover will look as good as new again.

Best way to clean a patio cover

At you will discover a wide range of telescopic poles that are suitable for cleaning your roof. Our telescopic poles are high in quality and low in price. You can choose from various sizes, including telescopic poles of no less than 18 metres in length. Opt for high-quality materials with either an aluminium telescopic pole, a Carbon Fiber telescopic pole or a 3K Full Carbon telescopic pole.

In addition, we also offer matching accessories and attachments. This way you can easily and quickly buy the ideal cleaning brush for your patio cover online. Order your telescopic pole for the patio cover now on and keep your outdoor paradise shining.


For stubborn, hard-to-remove dirt, hose the cover down with water 15 minutes beforehand to soften the dirt. This makes cleaning much easier. If you want to dry after washing, you can do so with our window wiper attachment. You can remove the last drops with a micro fiber cloth placed on the attachment, the result speaks for itself.



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