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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

High-clean telescopic handles showroom

About High-clean.com

With our sights set on making an economical but high-quality system for end users, we, two brothers from Putten, started developing telescopic cleaning brushes at the beginning of 2016. The reason for this? We had recently purchased a telescopic pole that failed to meet our expectations. The pole kept sliding back during use and the hose got stuck the whole time. We believed that this could be done much better, with a far more user-friendly product, so this was the first step in the development of our telescopic cleaning brushes. After putting in writing all the criteria our telescopic poles would have to meet, we entered production.

Webshop launched

Proud of our product, we launched our webshop in July 2016, since then we have already supplied many a happy customer. To further improve our service, we obtained the coveted WebwinkelKeur product certification in November 2016 . This certification shows that we operate according to the latest requirements in terms of reliability and service, with the aim of reaching and retaining more satisfied customers.

At the beginning of 2018, we were granted product certification by Trusted Shops GmbH, in order to meet the international standards required of a webshop that operates abroad.

New construction

In 2021, we moved into our newly constructed building on Tweespan 41 in Zeewolde. Here, you can visit our showroom (by appointment), and this is also where the orders are sent every working day.

We are proud to say that our business operations are completely carbon-neutral. Thanks to our solar panels, we can heat, cool, charge and work all year round, with net zero emissions on the meter at the end!

High-clean Zeewolde

Best Tested

During the last few years, some companies tried to copy our telescopic poles. On photo’s they look the same, however, costs are saved on materials. Even plastic versions were brought under our attention.

You can recognize the original telescopic poles from High-clean.com in several ways. The Quick-lock closures are imprinted with our company name. Furthermore, the last segment of every pole has an outside diameter of 25.00mm. Our telescopic poles come with a green, stiff water hose.

Fortunately, we can apply the following motto: often copied, never equaled!

telescopic handle quick-lock



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