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Cleaning fascias

Cleaning fascias

Cleaning fascias a tough job? Not if you choose our telescopic poles.’s products allow you to optimally clean fascias and prevent deterioration by dirt. With our innovative and user-friendly telescopic poles, you can safely clean your fascias from the ground. This makes the fascias last longer. In addition, clean fascias contribute to a more attractive home. You want that too, don’t you? Don’t waste money on a cleaner, do it yourself hassle-free, using our ergonomic telescopic poles.

What is a fascia?

Fascias are also known as the bargeboard and soffit. Fascias are used to finish and provide protection for your eaves. They can serve to put the finishing touch to, among other things, your gutter, dormer, canopy or the underside of a flat roof. This prevents precipitation and wind from getting between your gable and roofing. A fascia or fascia board can be made of wood, plastic, waterproof plywood, trespa or zinc.

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How to clean fascias?

Fascias are located high up. Working from a ladder is dangerous, but there is a safer and better way. Using a telescopic pole from, you can clean your fascia board from ground level. This is also much nicer for people who are afraid of heights.

The way you arrange for the water supply is up to you, it then flows through the pole. Efficiently clean your fascias. You can choose from Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and 3K Full Carbon telescopic poles. You can also order a matching cleaning agent from us. Thanks to our ergonomically designed telescopic poles, you can easily reach the joints and edges as well. Our telescopic poles are incredibly easy to use. See for yourself, and order your own telescopic pole now.

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Benefits of cleaning fascias

Fascias are subjected to all kinds of contamination: sand, tarnish, algae, mold, bird droppings and more. In addition, weather conditions have their impact. The longer fascias are not cleaned, the greater the chance of permanent damage and dirty stains. This shortens the lifespan and reduces the protection of your roof and facade, which can lead to further damage. In addition, the dirt is easy to see from a distance. This does not look attractive. It detracts from your entire property. Fortunately, with the help of our telescopic pole, you can clean your fascia yourself and avoid these drawbacks. In addition, your paint job will last longer.


Cleaning your own fascias? Then read our tips! First of all, we do not recommend the use of aggressive cleaning agents. These can actually damage your fascias. Do not use rough cloths or scrubbing sponges, but our soft wax brushes. These brushes can easily be placed on our telescopic poles. In addition, avoid using a pressure washer, as this can actually damage the material. You will clean your fascia board most efficiently by using your new telescopic pole from Order it now.



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