• Professional quality at the lowest price
  • The sturdiest on the market
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The genuine original telescopic pole

Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

Telescopic handles comparison

Telescopic Poles advantages

A key feature of our wash brushes is that they are easy to use. The quicklock clamps mean you can quickly set the brush to the preferred length. The water flow enters through the pole via a hose, so that your hose cannot get stuck or loosen. The angle adapter on the wash brush allows you to adjust the actual brush in such a way that it is most ergonomic and easy to use. The brush rests on the object that you are cleaning, evenly distributing the weight and pressure of the telescopic pole. The wide contact surface of the brush allows you to quickly clean large areas.

Our telescopic poles have a great price/quality ratio. High-quality poles with useful features including the quicklock clamps and water flow through the pole. The end result? A high quality product with a 24-month warranty!

High-clean.com advantages

  • Professional quality at the lowest price!
  • High-clean.com: your specialist in telescopic poles
  • Minimum number of sections, the sturdiest from the market
  • With our 2-year warranty!
  • 100% comptible with Gardena
  • Assembled in the Netherlands
  • Expert and personal customer service
  • Fast delivery by UPS with Track & Trace
  • Can also be picked up in our showroom
  • Dutch VAT invoice
  • Excellent customer review: read customer comments here!

25mm end section

Because we use the minimum amount of sections, with a 25mm tube for the thinnest section, the poles from High-clean.com are the sturdiest on the market. As a result, you immediately feel the quality in your hands, it’s more user-friendly and washes more thoroughly. You can then extend the pole easily while standing safely at ground level, far easier than having to manoeuvere yourself awkwardly (and potentially cause damage to your house).

Our end adapter connects seamlessly to the thinnest section, through the 25mm end tube, which is attached tightly and securely compared with other brands of telescopic poles.

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25-mm eingsegment telescopic handle

XXL Angle Adapter

Telescopic poles with a length of 9 metres or more, include the XXL Angle Adapter as standard (from 23-12-22). This extra-long angle adapter creates more distance between your solar panels and the telescopic pole, in order to prevent the telescopic pole from accidentally coming into contact with your solar panels.

The XXL-angle adapter should only be used in combination with the red/black Allround brush.

Do not mount the XXL-angle adapter on other accessories such as the five-sided brush or Super Snow Remover.

xxl-angle adapter telescopic handle 1

Less sections, less bend!

A common question is “”Which telescopic pole bends more, yours or the competitor’s?””. We use the minimum amount of sections, which means the pole is more sturdy. A picture speaks louder than words, which is why we have made the video below, using a telescopic pole made of 12.8 m aluminium from High-clean.com, and a 13.5 m aluminium telescopic pole from a competing brand. Both poles are extended at 11.5 metres, and placed on a frame, to give a realistic and honest picture. The same difference applies to all other lengths.

Quicklock clamps

The quicklock clamps are robust and no-nonsense, we use the minimum amount of parts to increase the lifespan. Open clip, extend, close clip, and done. The bottom of the clamps are smooth, so they cannot easily cause damage to your solar panels or window frames, for example. The quicklock clamps can be adjusted according to your preference, using the Allen key included. The bolts and nuts are made of stainless steel and therefore cannot rust. The nuts are self-closing, so they remain properly in place after adjustment. This is all contained in the clamp.

telescopic quick lock high-clean

Our five-sided brush (optional) and window wiper (optional) have been developed so that they can be mounted directly on the pole, without using the angle adapter. This is a more direct approach, and therefore also more user-friendly compared to other brands. With the telescopic poles from High-clean.com, the hose comes out of the pole just before the end adapter, so it easily goes directly into the brush without any issues, so no messing around with an adapter, which can cause kinks and leaks from the hose. The hose included is a strong thick-walled 8x5mm hose, which will last for years under normal use.

Save money now!

If you purchase our telescopic brushes, you don’t need to hire window cleaners or purchase scaffolding, ladders, or aerial work platforms. Once you’ve used the product twice, this one-time investment has already paid for itself!


By using the telescopic poles from High-clean.com, you avoid the use of unstable ladders or scaffolding. Safely from the ground, you can reach the most inaccessible parts of your home or business premises. Not only do you avoid dangerous situations as a result, you also save time thanks to the simple system of extendable cleaning brushes. In just a few minutes, you will have the wash brush at the right length, so you can start using it straight away. The angle adapter for the wash brush allows you to adjust the brush itself in such a way that it is most ergonomic and easy to use.


To ensure a constant yield of your solar panels, regular cleaning is necessary! Solar panels get dirty due to dust, bird droppings and pollen, for example. The wind and rain cannot prevent a layer of dirt from getting on your panels, with the solar panels in particular collecting a lot of dirt with a small angle of inclination. This does not alter the fact that the strong angles of inclination also leave dirt behind, both on the surface and on the frame. This dirt acts as a filter, just like a filter in sunglasses, for example. This filter causes the yield of your solar panels to deteriorate. Studies have shown that this can cause a 14% reduction after just two years.


When the telescopic pole is retracted, it takes up very little space. This makes the wash brush easy to store away in your garden shed, garage or attic.

Cleaning woodwork

Dirt particles negatively impact the paintwork. Having the woodwork of your home cleaned in time extends the lifespan of the paint and gives your home a fresh appearance. Cleaning the overhangs, fascia boards and window frames of your house is often a difficult task. On the ground floor, the window frames are usually included when washing the windows. However, less attention is paid to the upper floor, including the overhangs, fascia boards and the dormer window, are almost never cleaned. Plastic window frames are also affected by dirt and pollution, and also need maintenance.

Cleaning shutters

You often see roller shutters that have been installed, but only the inside is cleaned, the outside is overlooked as it’s hard to reach. Use the soap dispenser with our Super Allround Cleaner with our telescopic poles and you will be amazed at the results!



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