Super Snow Remover

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Easily remove snow from solar panels

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
  • The sturdiest on the market

Keep your solar panels performing efficiently, even in snow! Even a thin layer of snow means the solar panels produce little to no energy. This handy snow blade, allows you to easily and quickly remove the snow from your solar panels. Your roof or patio cover will also be free of snow in no time with our Super Snow Remover! A thick pack of snow can cause damage to the construction of your patio cover or roof due to the weight. Prevent this by removing the snow in an straightforward way.

The Super Snow Remover is made of foam rubber, which stops you from getting scratches on your solar panels. In addition, the snow remover is light in weight which means it is extremely easy to use. Just make sure that each section of your telescopic pole is pushed slightly, this makes the telescopic pole even more sturdy.

The special design of the Super Snow Remover allows you to pull the snow off, but by turning the pole 180 degrees, you can also push the snow back the other way.

The Super Snow Remover has a size of 40cm wide and 17cm high.

The Super Snow Remover fits any telescopic handle from
This product is supplied without a telescopic handle.