Spray dispenser roof tiles

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For spraying roof tiles

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Cleaning your roof tiles yourself is possible thanks to our spray trolley. To clean roof tiles, you need to work at height. You can use a ladder to do this, however using a ladder is dangerous. Moreover, you need to clean tiles on a sloping roof. This can be tricky. Our spray trolley is the best solution for these problems. It allows you to spray and clean the roof tiles. Ideal for removing green deposits or moss, for example. You can reach all roof tiles. From now on, this job will cost you less effort and can be done more efficiently and safely.

What is the best way to clean your roof tiles?

Although roof tiles can be cleaned in several ways, a spray trolley is the best method. Firstly, it is an accessible solution for everyone. The spray trolley is simple and safe to use. Place the spray trolley on a telescopic handle and you can clean your roof tiles from ground level. Unstable ladders are a thing of the past and even people afraid of heights can now clean their own roofs.

Moreover, this spray trolley ensures that every tile is misted. You control the trolley yourself, ensuring that no tile is missed. This ensures a completely clean roof. Thanks to the large 12.5 cm rubber wheels, you can easily drive over your tiles without damaging them.

Advantages of a spray trolley for roof tiles

Using this spray trolley, you can tackle all kinds of dirt on the roof. The set comes with a 20-meter hose and an extra-large 8-liter pressure pump. This pressure pump ensures that you do not have to keep refilling. Thanks to the ball valve, you can first build up enough pressure before spraying your roof. In addition to water, the spray pump can be supplied with cleaning agents, e.g. algae cleaner. The two built-in spray nipples have a wide jet. This long reach allows you to clean a larger area in less time.

The spray trolley is made of high-quality aluminum. This sturdy material contributes to a long service life. At high altitudes, the trolley remains stable and easy to maneuver. Moreover, this spray trolley can be easily attached to a telescopic handle. The combination of the long hose and the telescopic handle allows you to clean all roof tiles. Telescopic handles are available in several variants, with a maximum length of 18.2 meters. You can be sure to clean your entire roof.

Order a spray trolley from High-clean.com now!

If you want to clean your roof tiles, there is no better solution than this spray trolley. This product is convenient to use and ensures effective cleaning. Combined with a telescopic handle, the reach is huge. Your roof will look like new after a few months, positively impacting the look of your entire home. Save yourself the cost of hiring a professional and order this sprayer now for a soft price at High-clean.com.

Note: Use extra length, as the spray trolley is heavier than a brush. You will then leave each segment additionally retracted, making the handle more solid.