Spray dispenser roof tiles

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For spraying roof tiles

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • The Genuine Original Telescopic Pole
  • The sturdiest on the market

Want to clean your roof tiles? Do-it-yourself with our spray dispenser! This water-fed spray dispenser is an easy solution for removing green stains or moss from your roof tiles or façade. This set fits all telescopic poles from High-clean.com. It includes a 20-metre hose and an extra-large 8-litre pressure pump, so you don’t have to refill it over and over again. The hose is equipped with ball valve, so that you can first build up sufficient force with the pressure pump, before spray your roof. You can fill the spray pump with, for example, algae cleaner or moss remover. The dispenser is equipped with large 12.5 cm rubber wheels, so that they can easily manoeuvere over your roof tiles without causing any damage. The two built-in spray nipples have a wide radius, so you can quickly clean a large surface. The sprayer dispenser is made from high-quality aluminium, so that it remains sturdy and easy to handle even at height.