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Cleaning the shed

Cleaning the shed

Although sheds are low-maintenance, shed cleaning is necessary from time to time. It is advisable to clean your shed at least once per year. The exact moment depends on the condition of your shed. If the outside of this space easily gets contaminated, it may be necessary to clean the shed more often.

Cleaning a shed can be a challenge. The area to be cleaned is large, which also involves working at height. Working on unstable ladders poses dangers. Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to clean large surfaces quickly and efficiently and work easily and safely at height from ground level: telescopic handles from

Cleaning the outside of the shed

Using our telescopic handles, it takes you less time and effort to thoroughly clean a shed. After all, the outside of your shed has to deal with various conditions. Weather conditions are a good example. Prevent filth and clean the outside of your shed using our telescopic handles.

Benefits of shed cleaning with a telescopic handle

Using a telescopic handle ensures that you have to exert less physical effort while cleaning a shed. Our poles are stable and work well both retracted and extended. Thanks to the huge reach, you can work from ground level in height without any problems. You can clean large areas in a shorter time. Your shed will look spotless again. Ideal for company warehouses, to make a good first impression on visitors.

Moreover, at you can choose from different telescopic poles, so you can choose a product that suits your job. A Telescopic Aluminum Handle is inexpensive and stable. A Carbon Fiber Telescopic Handle is lighter, stronger and more manageable. Finally, there is the Telescopic Handle 3K Full Carbon. This variant is even lighter, sturdier, easy to use and made of the best 3K carbon. Per telescopic handle, you have a choice of brushes: wash brush, five-area brush or a soaker-squeegee set. You can also go for a benefit package that includes all types of brushes. Ideal if you want to be able to use your telescopic handle for multiple jobs.


Tips for warehouse cleaning

If you are going to clean a shed, you may have to deal with persistent dirt. Firstly, you can spray the shed fifteen minutes before starting the work. This will loosen the dirt. In addition, you can use soapy water. You can add this to the integrated water inlet of our telescopic handles using the soap dispenser. Good to know: our handles are compatible with Gardena couplings. For thorough cleaning, use an effective detergent, for example this Super All-round Cleaner 1L. Cleaning a shed? Order everything you need for this job now at



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