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Cleaning dormers

Cleaning dormers

A dormer window is a beautiful addition to your home. It provides extra space and light in the attic, it adds value to your home and it makes the outside of your home look even better. By cleaning your dormer, you ensure that the beautiful appearance of your home is maintained. Dormer cleaning is normally done at height. This involves risks and is a bridge too far for people who are afraid of heights. Avoid risks by using High-clean.com’s telescopic handles. You can safely and easily clean dormers yourself.

How to clean dormers?

Our telescopic handles are the best option for anyone doing their own dormer cleaning. No need to work at height, as these ergonomically designed telescopic handles allow you to clean your dormers from ground level. Our telescopic handles are extendable and have a wide reach. They are solid and comfortable to use, making this job less strenuous for you. Thanks to their maneuverability, you can easily position the brush. This makes it easier to clean large areas in a short time. Thanks to our telescopic handles, you can even combine several jobs, for example cleaning dormers and washing high windows.

How often should dormers be cleaned?

You want to keep your dormer in good condition. This part of your home encounters various types of pollution on a daily basis. Over time, these contaminants accumulate, resulting in your dormer looking less good from the outside. A heavily soiled dormer can even cause a devaluation of your home. Dormer cleaning is the best way to prevent such problems. We recommend cleaning dormers at least once a year.

The benefits of dormer cleaning

You will ensure a fresh and neat appearance by cleaning your dormer. This has a positive impact on the overall appearance of your home. Cleaning prevents the accumulation of contaminants.

Dormer cleaning tips

Using telescopic handles from High-clean.com, dormer cleaning is easy for anyone to do.

You start this job by gathering the supplies. Besides your telescopic handle, you will need a brush. It is best to choose a five-area brush. In addition, you use a soap dispenser and a matching cleaning product.

The telescopic handle includes an integrated water inlet that can be connected to the outdoor tap. First clean your dormer with just water, then with soap and water. Rinse everything once again. After allowing it to dry, your dormer will look spotless again. Order your own telescopic handle now and discover how easy it is to clean dormers yourself. Whether you choose a Telescopic Handle Aluminum, a Telescopic Handle Carbon Fiber or a Telescopic Handle 3K Full Carbon? Whatever you choose, at High-clean.com we guarantee the highest quality at competitive prices.



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