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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

Cleaning flagpoles

It is recommended to clean tall poles or a flagpole at least once a year. Proper maintenance is important. It makes the pole look cleaner and fresher, and contributes to a longer lifespan. The height makes this a difficult task, however. Not everyone feels comfortable using a ladder due to the risk of falling. A telescopic handle of ensures that you can safely and easily clean your flagpole or high poles from ground level.

Why clean a flagpole or tall poles?

A clean flagpole has a more attractive appearance. This has a positive impact on the appearance of the entire building or site where it is located. Moreover, cleaning a flagpole or high poles prevents dirt accumulation from causing corrosion. This reduces the risk of damage. A dirty flagpole may be seen as disrespectful, especially when you fly the flag on an important national holiday. In addition, the contaminants on the pole can lead to contamination of and damage to the flag. Cleaning the flagpole honors flag protocol.

Both private individuals and companies can use our telescopic handle. The extendibility and total reach of our telescopic handles ensure that you can clean a flagpole or high poles up to the highest point. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during the performance of this task. Our telescopic handles are made of sturdy yet light materials and contain the fewest segments. This keeps the handle stable and makes it extremely user-friendly. Our telescopic handle is therefore ideal for cleaning high poles or a flagpole.

When should I clean high poles or a flagpole?

When to clean a flagpole or high pole will depend on the use of the pole. At home, flags are often displayed on special days. In the Netherlands, such dates include April 27 (King’s Day), May 4 (National Remembrance Day) and May 5 (Liberation Day). In addition, people display the flag on Veterans Day. The flag can also be displayed on various special occasions. Examples include passing the final high school exam, weddings, anniversaries and similar celebrations. Your flagpole or high poles can be cleaned prior to these occasions.

The high poles and flagpoles of (public) buildings, such as town halls, ministries, courthouses, museums, embassies, schools, universities, office buildings, etc., can be cleaned using a telescopic handle. Public spaces have an exemplary function, especially government buildings. You should therefore clean high poles or a flagpole immediately if contamination is visible.


Which tools should I use?

A telescopic handle is indispensable if you want to clean a flagpole or high poles. The whole pole can be thoroughly cleaned from ground level. You can choose from three variants, which are available in different sizes: an Aluminum telescopic handle, a Carbon Fiber telescopic handle or a 3K Full Carbon telescopic handle. They are light, sturdy and stable telescopic handles that you can rely on. You can also order matching accessories from our site. For even more thorough cleaning, you can use a cleaning agent in combination with a soap dispenser. Do you plan to use your telescopic handle for other applications as well? If so, choose the value package.


Can I clean high poles or a flagpole myself?

With the help of a telescopic handle, you can easily, quickly and comfortably clean flagpoles or high poles yourself. Hiring a company to perform this work will result in extra costs. You can save money by performing this task yourself. You can also use your telescopic handle for various other applications, from washing high windows to cleaning your patio cover. Buying a telescopic handle is an investment that pays for itself. Would you like to experience all the benefits of a telescopic handle yourself? Order your own telescopic handle now at

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