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Extendable telescopic handle made of aluminum

Heights are no problem for telescopic handles . Whether it is 6, 8, 10 or 12 meters, our telescopes have no fear of heights. We have aluminum telescopic handles from 3.6 to 12.8 meters. When retracted, the length of our telescopic handles varies from 1.21 to 2.6 meters. It is also easy to clean surfaces in this position. Our aluminum telescopic handle consists of fewer sections than those of other suppliers, making it very sturdy and stable to use.

Product Properties

An telescopic aluminum telescopic handle has an internal water hose that is compatible with a Gardena coupling. This allows you to easily connect the telescopic handle to your garden hose and immediately start cleaning. A free soap dispenser is also supplied with the purchase of an aluminum telescopic handle.

Telescopic handle with Quick-Lock closure

The smart Quick-Lock closure ensures that you can easily slide the aluminum telescopic handle in and out without using much force. The telescopic handle is also always equipped with an angle adapter, so that you can easily place the brush in a corner when cleaning your windows, solar panels, overhangs or fascia parts.

Telescopic handle with washing brush

We supply an aluminum telescopic handle as a complete set, including an all-round brush of 30 cm. The telescopic handle not only serves as a window wiper, but you can also easily clean shutters, woodwork, campers and solar panels. The all-round brush is suitable for both large and small cleaning jobs.

Complete set content:


  • Telescopic handle

  • Internal water hose

  • Corner adapter

  • Soft handle

  • Ball valve fitting on Gardena hose piece

  • All connectors are included

  • Free all-round brush 30 cm

  • Free soap dispenser

Please note: with the help of our Gardena spacer (optional) you can place our soap dispenser directly below hang the outside tap instead of under the handle.


  • HC-01-VD Special offer package Brush & Wiper set

    59.95 49.55 excl. BTW

    Special offer package Five sided frame Brush & Wiper set

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Visit our showroom

To view our telescopic handles you are most welcome in our showroom in Zeewolde. You can also pick up your online order here. Our showroom is only open by appointment.