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Please note: Unfortunately, we are currently again confronted with Asian counterfeit items. You can buy ORIGINAL High-clean telescopic poles with us.

Cleaning billboards

Billboards at height are an excellent way to put your company or product in the spotlight. You will be noticed by new customers and it increases your brand awareness. A dirty billboard detracts from your advertising. It does not look neat and can lead to more negative attitudes towards your company. Cleaning billboards at height is the solution. Cleaning billboards at height may sound like a difficult and dangerous job, but it doesn’t have to be. Using High-clean.com’s telescopic handles, you can comfortably work at height from the ground.

Various types of billboards cleaned at height

Billboards come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional billboards at height can be made of various materials. Wood, metal and plastic are good examples. Various billboards can be placed at height: façade signs, signboards, and construction signs for example. Another option is a digital billboard, which is often equipped with an LED screen.

Our telescopic handles enable you to thoroughly clean these surfaces. Here, you have a choice of different types of brush, for example a wash brush, five-area brush or soaker-tractor set. A value pack with various brushes is also an option. This way you can be sure you have the right brush for cleaning billboards at height.

What height are our telescopic handles able to reach?

The height a handle can reach depends on the type of telescopic handle you choose. At High-clean.com you have a choice of three types of telescopic handles:

  • Telescopic Pole Aluminum: the most economical variant. This variant is available in various lengths, with a maximum length of 12.8 meters. This is a stable handle, including integrated water inlet, which is suitable for Gardena couplings.
  • Telescopic Handle Carbon Fiber: this handle is 40% lighter in weight compared to an aluminum telescopic handle and is also easier to handle. The maximum length is 12.8 meters.
  • Telescopic Pole 3K Full Carbon: the best telescopic handle at the moment, available at a competitive price from High-clean.com. This product is even lighter, sturdier and easier to use than a Carbon Fiber telescopic handle. Like the other models, this handle features an integrated water inlet and is compatible with Gardena couplings. Its maximum length is 18.2 meters.

Planning to clean billboards at height? The Telescopic Handle 3K Full Carbon has the longest reach. Despite this huge reach, it does not compromise on maneuverability, stability and sturdiness. Its ergonomic design ensures that you can clean billboards at height comfortably, efficiently and safely.

Ordering a telescopic handle at High-clean.com

A telescopic handle is the best way to clean billboards at height. Its huge reach allows you to work safely from the ground at height. At High-clean.com, you are guaranteed professional quality at the lowest price. Our telescopic poles have proven themselves to be the most stable in the market. Moreover, you receive a two-year warranty with every order. You can also contact us for matching accessories. So, you will have everything you need to clean billboards at height. Order your products today.



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